G2 Light Weight Snowshoes with Toe Box

Unleash your winter wanderlust with the G2 Light Weight Snowshoes. Available in 21/25/30/36 inches, these snowshoes feature a comfortable toe box, EVA padded ratchet binding, and a flexible pivot bar for easy maneuverability. The heel lift ensures stability on steep slopes, while the durable back strap provides a secure fit. Complete with trekking poles, a carrying bag, and snow baskets, these snowshoes are ready to take you on your snowy adventures in style. Choose from five vibrant colors to match your personality.

Are you ready to hit the snowy trails with confidence and ease? Look no further than the G2 21/25/30/36 Inches Light Weight Snowshoes with Toe Box. These high-quality snowshoes are designed to provide optimal performance and comfort, making your winter adventures unforgettable.

Made with a strong and lightweight HDPE deck, these snowshoes offer excellent floatation in the snow, allowing you to conserve energy and travel further. The fast ratchet binding is specially designed for low-temperature environments, ensuring easy fastening even when your hands are freezing.

Equipped with sharp crampons made of high-quality aluminum, these snowshoes offer exceptional grip on snowy and icy terrain, keeping you safe and stable throughout your journey. Inside the snowshoes, soft EVA foam padding provides maximum comfort and warmth, protecting your feet from the cold winter weather.

The G2 snowshoes feature a special flex pivot bar and heel lift, allowing for a more natural and comfortable walking experience, whether you’re traversing flat or uphill terrain. These innovative features ensure that you can fully enjoy your winter hiking adventures without any discomfort or strain.

Included in this package are trekking poles, a carrying bag, and snow baskets, providing you with all the necessary gear to make your winter adventures even more enjoyable. Available in 5 vibrant colors, including orange, these snowshoes not only perform exceptionally well but also look great on your feet.

Don’t let the snow stop you from exploring the great outdoors. Get yourself a pair of G2 21/25/30/36 Inches Light Weight Snowshoes with Toe Box and embark on your winter adventures with confidence and comfort.


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